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    As a professional self-lubricating bronze bushings supplier, we have our own bushing design & shippment department, so we have big advantage about price and delivery time.



    VIIPLUS has the latest generation in production resources (lathes, machining centres, grinders etc) in addition to the most modern verification and control equipment.Also we have strict control on the product appearance.


    Manufacturer of Self-lubricating Bronze Bearings


    We offer quick turnaround even for large volume orders. a manufacturer of bronze bushings and self lubricating bearings according to customer’s drawing.We manufacture Bronze Bearings,High Tensile Brass Bushing,Aluminium Bronze Bushing,Plugged Graphite Bearings.



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    Get Best Incoterms for Your Importing Self-lubricating Bearings from China


    Check Recommend the Best Incoterms for Your Business

    Choosing the right Incoterms is very important when importing self-lubricating bronze bushings from China.

    “What’s their Best Recommended Incoterms for Customers”

    Check our  Forwarding department expert answer and tips about how to choose the best incoterms for your business, enjoy learning…




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    We recommend:

    Always get quotes from suppliers with FOB, and don’t worry about incoterms until you’re actually placing an order for your seld-lubricating bearings parts. Once it’s time to place the order, here’s what you should do…

    FOB = Your go-to incoterm. Supplier pays for and handles the product up until the specified port, where your freight forwarder then takes over. Your supplier can transport goods locally and clear local customs cheaper & quicker than you can (so use FOB, not EXW)

    CIF = Your go-to incoterm for high-trust suppliers. Supplier pays for everything up until it’s delivered to my local port, where my freight forwarder takes over. You can hire a local company to get the product & drop it off at your desired address cheaper & quicker than a foreign supplier could(so use CIF, not DDP).

    Always start with FOB, and only switch over to CIF with a supplier you really trust and order from often.

    There is no guarantee you’re not being massively overcharged with CIF, so it’s important you trust your supplier (and compare quotes from time to time).

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